Your Toddler’s Emotions

From the time your baby is born, he will be exposed to numerous stimuli. People around him will show him and teach him about various things. He will also observe that people have various expressions, and also emotions that they display. Your baby will only be watching and learning all he sees. It will take a while before you see these manifest in your child as well.

Ad your child grows you will see happiness as he starts to giggle at the anticipation of a feed, smile when comforted and cry when hungry or sleepy. As he grows even bigger, you will see a range of emotions being displayed at every stage. This is all very important, and will contribute to making the personality of your child.

There is a hole lot going on in your child’s world. He is seeing and experiecing new things all the time. This is all bound to arouse various feelings – excitement, fear, anxiety, pleasure and even loathe. He will show you these in ways like smiling, squealing, shouting, crying and even sometimes by throwing a tantrum. You must encourage your child to be vocal about what he feels, as this is the only way that you will understand him. He is also learning to respond to stimuli.

When your child responds to something, make sure you are there with him to guide him through them. The toddler stage is important not only for expression of emotion. The parent and child must teach the child how to manage their emotions well as well. It may not be alright for the child to show anger and lash out at anyone he sees. He must be guided to channelise his emotions correctly. This is also important for the baby to develop social skills and know how he must behave in the presence of company.

Respect that your child us also a human being and give him his space. He has a right to have his own feelings and likes. Allow him this, and let him experiment with his emotions within limits. This will help him discover himself and also grow as an individual.

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