Why Newborns Breastfeed More Frequently

When the baby is just born, there are two main activities that the baby engages. These are sleeping, and feeding. While sleeping occurs at the baby’s will and you will have little control over it at this stage, you will be more involved with the baby’s feeds.

Newborns feed much more frequently at birth. They will start to settle down into feeding at more regular intervals with the passage of time.

Children need to feed more frequently. This is because their capacities to take in their feeds when the are infants is very little. The total capacity of a newborn to take in it’s feed is about the size of a marble, which then slowly increases to that of a walnut, and so on.

Initially, the flow of milk might just not be adequate for the baby. Thus, the hunger of the baby might not be satisfied at every feed. You will find that the baby starts to feel more hungry often since the feed is not adequate for him.

The intestines of a new born are not fully developed at the beginning. It takes a while before the baby can process and digest all his intake well. A portion of his food in the beginning will be expelled from the body without being digested at all. He will pass out his milk very soon. This will make the baby more hungry.

More than the food itself, the feeding gives the baby a great sense of warmth and security. This is more important than the milk the baby receives.

The baby should be able to settle into a feeding routine by about eight weeks. Till such time, you will need to be more patient and indulging. Allow your child to guide you through the duration and frequency of feeds. This will ensure the baby is properly fed and receives all the nourishment from breast feeding.

The first four months after birth entail exclusive feeding, after which top feeds can be given on consultation with the doctor. Initially you will be with the baby on your own. It is for you to meet all his requirements.

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