What To Expect From 20th Week Ultrasound

At 20 weeks your baby bump has probably started showing. Some of your problems from first trimester have subsided and you are again feeling energetic and good. Your baby has started developing facial features at this stage.

At this point, your doctor will advise you to go for an ultrasound. The 20th week ultrasound is mainly done to check any genetic abnormalities. This ultrasound is also important to ensure that your child is growing steadily.

Prepare yourself for the ultrasound. An ultrasound requires that your bladder be full. This is because fluid makes it possible to view the organs clearly. However, for this scan you do not need full bladder. By this time there should be enough amniotic fluid in the womb.

The complete procedure of ultrasound will not take than more than an hour of your time. Your doctor will want to measure the growth of your baby while also checking in on the sex. By this time the baby should weigh close to 15 ounces. The fetal length is about 27.5 cm at this stage.

Wear comfortable clothes for the ultrasound. Chances are that you will be in your maternity clothes at this stage of the pregnancy.

Choose a loose top and comfort fitting jeans. You will have to expose your belly so avoid wearing dresses for the ultrasound. The doctor will apply a gooey gel on your stomach and using a computer mouse like machine scan your belly. For couples who do or do not wish to know the sex of the baby, this is the time to communicate the same to your doctor.

For mothers who eagerly wait to see the facial features of the baby, the ultrasound can be little disappointing. The success of the ultrasound depends a lot on baby’s positioning at that moment. If you are lucky, you will be able to distinguish spinal cord, fingers, toes and maybe even the face. If you are unable to understand anything that shows on the screen, don’t be shy to ask your doctor/technician. They are here to clear your doubts and queries.

This is the first time that you will be seeing your baby looking human. Make this experience comfortable for yourself. Relax and stay calm. Don’t worry too much about non-existing possibilities. If there are any bad tidings your doctor will let you know. If not, start shopping for blue or pink clothes.

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