What Not to Expect When Pregnant

Everyone talks about pregnancy being a very happy time, and it seems like all flowers bloom around you. While this is the time to enjoy yourself and look forward to your baby, it is not going to be a bed or roses, and that is the truth.

There are many things that you will have to be faced with, and it is better to be prepared for the eventualities as well.

Your Moods : You will not feel happy, cheerful and bubbly all the time. In the first three months, you can expect to feel exceptionally low with all the changes that the body is undergoing. You can feel very tired, sleepy and irritable.

Your Partner : While pregnancy is about starting a family as a couple, you must remember that you will be the one who is pregnant. While you can expect some love and attention from your spouse, remember that you will be pregnant for nine long months. The fancy will start to wear away, and you will have to come back to your regular life in time. It is better to be practical and continue with your life rather than expect people to wait on you all the time.

Your Looks : People always say that the pregnant womanstarts to look glowing, radiant and more beautiful than ever. This does happen sometimes. With all the special attention you are paying to your food and body, you can sometimes start to look fairer, and glow. But sometimes, the skin can actually start erupting due to hormonal changes in the body, and also start to get dry.

You may also feel the skin starting to darken in some areas of the body. This is far from what you ideally want to happen, but you should be prepared to deal with it. Added to this are the stretch marks that most people do invariably get, and your pregnancy may not just be the happiest time.

Your Life : You must face the fact that once your baby is born your life will never be the same again. You must learn to make adjustments well in advance, or you may just end up disappointed at having the baby, rather than enjoying your motherhood. No matter who or where you are, you will have to make changes in your life and routine to accommodate your baby.

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