What is a High Risk Pregnancy

What is a High Risk Pregnancy

There’s a number of things that can make a pregnant person high-risk. so obesity being over 35 if you have high blood pressure if you’re coming into the pregnancy with other medical problems diabetes or substance abuse issues.

For your obstetrician what that means is we need to assess you a little closer and maybe a little bit more frequently it does not mean that there is no potential for a healthy outcome and delivery with this pregnancy.

That high-risk depends on a lot of different factors and age is one of them other factors that can make you high-risk have to do with your overall health and because I have been eating well and I’ve been able to exercise through my pregnancy.

Sometimes when you’re over the age of 35 you have a higher risk of developing other medical conditions during pregnancy like diabetes of pregnancy or hypertension of pregnancy or preeclampsia.

What is a High Risk Pregnancy

Everybody very closely in pregnancy  know if there are things that are concerning if you need extra tests during your pregnancy.

Especially later in pregnancy there’s something called a non-stress a test where we specifically listen a little bit longer to the baby’s heartbeat and measure the fluid around the baby.

once or twice a week depending upon the medical problem just to make sure everything’s going well.

We try to work with those moms so that they have the healthiest pregnancy possible looking at what they can do to improve their outcomes and have the healthiest pregnancy possible you

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