Traveling Tips For Pregnant Women

You are pregnant and you have/need to travel! Travelling during pregnancy can be your choice or circumstantial. Either ways you need to be extra cautious and aware of all the possible difficulties you may face while traveling during your pregnancy.
The first and the most important thing to check before you pack your bags, is your stage of pregnancy.

This means the precautions that you need to take could differ as you progress from the first trimester to the third trimester .The next thing would be an appointment with the doctor.

Your doctor is the best person to make you aware of what you would have to be careful about and also prepare you to handle any untoward situation, ensure you carry your medical documents. Having taken care of these two things you are almost set to go.

Depending on which stage of pregnancy you are in, you will have to check what clothes you’d be most comfortable in during the travel. This also depends on your mode of travel and the duration. Try loose cotton clothes or comfortable warm clothing, depending on the weather, accompanied with flat sandals or shoes.

If you are travelling by air, check with the airway authorities of any formalities you may have to look into before you check in.It is common to submit a no objection certificate from your doctor, if travelling by air. Remember to check that your no objection certificate mentions the week of your pregnancy.

You may also have to mention that you are pregnant while booking your tickets online. Most airlines will offer you a seat in the first row, which helps you get the extra leg space if you travelling in the economy class. They may also offer you cushions and blankets.

Before take off the cabin crew would give you a few guidelines that you need to be aware of during the flight. Ensure to have a lot of fluids while travelling by air as there are chances of dehydration. Avoid travelling to the washroom during the flight and be escorted if otherwise.

If you decide to take the car and are travelling by road, let the driver know you are pregnant. Avoid sitting in the front seat, carry cushions to keep you comfortable. Do not drive unless absolutely necessary! If travelling by train or bus be careful while boarding and getting down.

An important thing during your travel should be being aware of your surroundings. Look out for slippery /wet surfaces. Avoid contact with sick animals/humans. Take extra precaution during extreme weather conditions and seek help anytime you do not feel comfortable!!

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