Toilet Training

Toilet Training: Starting Them Young

Toilet Training

Diapers have become an evil necessity as we cope with the pressures of modern parenthood. Our mothers never had the luxury of diapers and yet they traveled long distances with us without letting us make ourselves dirty.

The secret of course was toilet training at the right age.  Even with so many brands and types of diapers available in the market today, there are young mothers who toilet train their as young as three month old babies.

As a matter of fact, children can be toilet trained right from the time of their birth till they turn three; the sooner the better. The ideal time would be between four and six months. If you want to toilet train your baby early you need to be aware of toilet habits of your baby.

Check for body language and timing. Many children also produce various gurgling sounds every time they feel they want to pee or poo.  Some children also start crying at the idea of wetting themselves. You can also observe if the baby generally eliminates after every feeding session or each time after he wakes up.

Many a time mothers are intuitive about when the baby needs to relieve. If you can anticipate this carry the child immediately to the toilet. Encourage the baby to by making sounds like ‘sssss’ or any other that sound like running water. Or simply let the water run in the sink for a few seconds.

You baby will associate this sound with relieving itself.  Familiarize your baby with the toilet and toilet seat. The baby will recognize this as the place where one can relieve himself. Chances are that after this place and position association your baby will not require a diaper nor wet himself.

Babies who start their toilet training early are fully in control of their body functions by the time they reach two years of age. And remember, it is easier to control solid waste elimination than urination. Therefore, your child might become potty trainer much earlier than two years of age.

If you wish to start toilet training with an older baby you will have to be very encouraging and patient. Older babies generally tend to have aversion to any kind of change in their toilet habits. They will resist and some might end up even with constipation. The trick lies in not giving up. Keep encouraging the child and do not scold or punish if clothes do get wet and soiled.

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