Tips To Soothe Your Crying Baby

Babies cry and all new parents face the trouble of trying to figure out why they are crying and mainly how to pacify them and stop the tears. Babies cannot talk to you and explain what is troubling them and crying is the only way they can communicate with you and let you know that something is troubling them.

If your baby’s crying a lot, then the first things you should check is whether your baby is hungry, needs changing or is in pain for some reason. If he or she is just being fussy then here are few steps that may help soothe them.


Its been proven that a mother’s voice soothes her baby from the womb itself and thats how they recognise their mom from a young age itself. Since parents are asked to speak to the baby from when he’s in the womb itself he’ll feel safe by just listening to your or our husbands voice. You dont have to be a professional singer to hum a little tune to your little one, just string in few words and add a little tune and note how fast your baby calms down.


Babies love to be constantly in motion, so you can either hold her and lightly move her up and down while walking with her. Nowadays there are motion chairs available that lightly rocks the baby to sleep and leaving your hands free to do other work. The trend these days is to take the baby for a drive, the cool breeze and the motion will calm her down instantly.

Hold your baby

Sometimes babies cry just because they miss you even if you are in the same room, holding them in your arms close to your chest and and murmur sweet nothings to them. Your warmth, the vibration from your voice will assure them that you are not going anywhere and will definitely soothe them.

Change of surroundings

Sometimes your baby maybe crying just because he or she is bored of staring at the same surroundings or sadly also maybe he’s too bugged with the same person pampering him with the same coaxing words. Take him for a walk and instead of using a pram use a baby carrier or hold him in your arms. Let someone else in your family hold him and play with him for sometime. Meeting new people and a chnge of scene may also help him.

These techniques are just few that parents have been doing over the years, but if your child is crying non stop for hours together and he’s been fed and changed and none of the techniques for pacifying him is helping then take him to the doctor immediately, he maybe in pain and will definitly need a professional examination.

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