Tips To Make Your Unborn Baby Smarter

All parent wish to have an intelligent and smart kid, however most of the parent are unaware of this fact that your baby’s brain development begins even before birth.

New born baby’s neural cells are farmed in every minute when she is in womb, parental efforts can promote baby’s brain development and increase his/her intelligence.

Eat Healthy Foods

Keep your diet healthy, your diet should be sufficient in important nutrient that helps to develop your baby’s intelligence; especially your diet should contain Omega-3, as Omega-3 is building material for your baby’s intelligence that develop motor skills and language understanding in unborn baby .

Keep in mind Omega-3 is mostly found in fish don’t forget most of fish are avoided to eat during pregnancy, containing high mercury level, which is not good for your pregnancy, eat fish which is safe to eat 3 or 4 time in a week, it is safest and easiest to take vegetables as a source of Omega-3 supplement.

Besides Omega-3 your baby needs other basic nutrient to grow smarter, some are found in bacon and eggs according to the researches, chemical found in pork products and egg helps to develop baby’s brain cell inside mother’s womb.

Keep Stress Away From You

Avoid being stressful during pregnancy, however we know, it is not easy to keep stress away due to hormonal fluctuation a in pregnant woman, which may her completely moodier, but keep in mind, maternal stress impacts negatively in your baby’s brain development and mantel status, and decreases baby’s IQ level.

Therefore, it is most important to be stress free to develop a positive personality in your baby. There are many things to avoid stress during pregnancy, such as exercising, reading good books, listening classical music, doing yoga, practicing relaxing exercises, spending time with your love ones and off course sleeping well.

Talk To Your Developing Baby

It looks odd if anyone say you to talk your unborn baby, but it really works to develop language understanding and recognizing pattern in your baby. If you talk to your baby as if your baby is in front of you and you can see him/her, so your baby becomes uses to your wise and it will be easy to him/her to respond on your voice after birth. Share your experiences and routine activities to your baby in loud voice so your baby can hear it.

Listen To Soothing Music

Play soft and soothing music and listen to it without wearing head-phones so your baby can hear too. Your baby can hear sounds outside womb from 23 week of pregnancy. It is believed, if a pregnant mother listens to classical music, it improves the intelligent level of your baby besides developing concentration and personality for learning. According to the researchers listening music can improve spatial temporal abilities in your unborn baby.

Keep Good Care Of Your Teeth

Maternal dental problems can be cause for premature or underweight delivery, and premature babies are slow leaner than matured ones. Smoking is also factor to put risk on your baby’s intelligence besides causing many other health problems during pregnancy, so avoid smoking during pregnancy for sack of developing good physical and mental health of your baby.

Touch Your Baby

Touching your baby through your stomach will stimulate brain development in your unborn.

Read Loudly

Reading books in loud voice will stimulate good hearing abilities in your baby, and also prepares your baby for world outside womb. By implying all these actions, you must help your unborn baby to develop intelligence, learning power and boost up concentration.

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