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Tips To Make Bottle Feeding Easy

Are you worried about bottle feeding your baby? Are you worried for your child? Then here are a few tips which will help you in feeding bottle to your baby. Many mothers consider bottle feeding their baby as a Herculean task, forgetting the fact that baby feeding needs a lot of care.

These tips will also be helpful in making baby feeding easier for you.

Importance of Hygiene

The very first thing you need to keep in mind while bottle feeding your baby is the fact that the bottle should be absolutely clean. The bottles should be rinsed in warm water before they are used for the baby. The holes of nipples of the feeding bottle should neither be too big or too small.

In case the holes are too small, make sure you sterilize the nipple first and then widen the hole for the baby to feed on it properly. If the holes of the nipples are too big then it can lead to leakage in the bottle being used for bottle feeding.

Safety Precautions

Make sure to use warm milk for baby feeding. It is advisable to keep the feeding bottle in warm water before giving it to your baby. Avoid the use of microwave in order to ensure that there are no hot spots which may harm your baby.

If you have prepared milk in advance, then it is advisable to store it in the fridge. Prepared milk should be given to the baby within 24 hours, after which the milk is not meant for consumption of the baby.

At the time of baby feeding, make sure your hands are absolutely clean. It is not advisable to use the left over milk for baby feeding as it is very unhealthy for the baby.

At the time of traveling, use clean bottle for feeding your baby and do not prepare food for the road. Instead carry hot water in a thermos and prepare the food then and there.

Following such safe and hygienic feeding tips for your baby, you will ensure proper growth, development and a healthy life for your baby.

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