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Tips For Travelling In A Car With Your Baby

Travelling with your baby in your car is unavoidable be it a long trip or a short one. Keep in mind few tips that will ensure a hassle free trip for you and your baby.

First and foremost keep in mind the safety of your child. Purchase and install a good car seat.Also, if you are travelling alone with the baby, do not drive if you are tired or sleep deprived. If you are going on a long trip, take ample breaks which will benefit your child and you.

That brings us to the second important point to keep in mind while planning a long trip. Plan your trip ahead and include frequent breaks, remember that your journey will take longer when you are travelling with a baby compared to when you are travelling alone.

Also, babies should not sit in a car seat for too long as they may find it uncomfortable.Use these breaks to stretch the baby out on a blanket so that his back doesn’t hurt. Older babies may get restless and will need a break to crawl, jump or just move about.

Carry stuffed toys or anything that your baby likes to play with, it will help keeping your baby occupied during the journey.Also talk to him or sing to him so that he is doesn’t get bored during the journey.

If your child is still breast feeding stop the car in side of the road to feed him. Fight the tendency to pick up your baby and feed him while you are driving. If your child is old enough accustom him to eating cold food, carry his favorite snacks and plenty of water with you.

Along with this do not forget to carry your baby’s bib and lots of soft towels and paper napkins.Water is essential for your baby and you for drinking and cleaning up, if necessary.

Being dehydrated will make you feel sleepy and impair the production of milk which can be a problem especially if you are breast feeding. Babies cannot use sunscreen, so it is upto you to make sure that you are protecting him from the sun with a cap or some form of shade that can be put up on a car seat.

Start the journey when it is close to your child’s bed time or nap time. This way you would have covered some distance before you have to make the first pit stop.

Do not forget your medical kit and diaper bag with loads of sanitary towels, powder and extra clothes for you and the baby, just in case he spills something over you. Travelling with a baby in a car is very exhausting, but if you are prepared you can have an uneventful journey.

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