Tips For Preventing Flatulence And Gas During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no doubt one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life. It is the first time a mother and her child bond, and maternal feelings of care and protection overshadow any other.

However, at the same time a number of changes take place in the mother’s body. While some are vital for the growth of the child, there are many others which are not as pleasant.

Many pregnant women face the problem of flatulence and gas during their pregnancy. While most women will blame it on their increased diet, it is important to understand the real reason behind this problem. The major cause is the high levels of the hormone progesterone in the body. This hormone is secreted in major amounts during pregnancy to relax the muscles so that there is less pressure on the body during this difficult time. But a slight side effect is that it slows down the process of digestion.

When digestion slows down, the stomach takes longer to process the food we eat. This in turn results in an increase in the amount of gas that the body generally produces after digestion. During pregnancy, this becomes a problem since the stomach feels bloated and gassy all the time, making it extremely uncomfortable for the women. This problem occurs mainly at night and the later stages on pregnancy. In the last trimester the growing uterus put a lot of pressure on the abdomen, so the urinary bladder and stomach get squashed.

Flatulence and gas during pregnancyis a problem that should not be ignored. In the final months of pregnancy, stomach problems are often mistaken for false labour pains and cause much anxiety for the mother. It also leads to constipation which will make relaxing of the pelvic muscles hard.

It is best to seek treatment for flatulence and gas as soon as it starts during pregnancy. One should try consuming a diet that cause less flatulence and replace fatty foods with fibres and whole grain. Chewing the food well before swallowing will reduce chances of gas and release any air in the food pipe from before as well. One can even try yoga and simple prenatal exercisesare also a good way to reduce gas problems. However, one should always consult their doctor for the best cure.

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