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Tips For Prenatal Exercises

During pregnancy, the body undergoes numerous changes. Expecting mothers often complaint of fatigue, back pain, dizziness, etc. during this period. Many of these problems can be addressed with regular exercise and intake of a healthy diet.

Regular exercise during pregnancy not just improves the overall health but reduces the chances of complications that may arise otherwise. Moreover it has a positive effect on the mental well-being of the expecting mother. Though it is advisable to practice regular exercise, not all exercises can be performed during pregnancy.

Below is a list of few prenatal exercise tips which can be followed while performing exercises. Before planning your exercise regime, consult your gynecologist and make sure that the exercise regime is not going to harm you. Initially begin with light exercises that do not cause much fatigue.

Practice warm up exercises to avoid the possibility of muscle sprains and body pain after exercise. Wear comfortable clothes while exercising. Loose fitted clothes that give ample space for breathing are preferred. A maternity bra can be worn to support the bust. Sports shoes should be worn while exercising as they ensure comfort and safety.

Exercise like high-end aerobics which involve bouncing movements should be completely avoided. To ensure the safety of the fetus and the mother, adventure sports like scuba diving, horse riding, etc should not be practice at all. Exercises with weights and abdominal strain should be refrained from.

Anything which can cause overexertion or strain the body should be completely avoided.Changing positions too quickly while exercising should not be done as it can disturb the balance. Exercises which require the mother to lie down on the back hamper the blood flow to the uterus making the mother feel nauseous and light headed.

Such exercises can be avoided.Light aerobic exercises can be practiced to stimulate the proper flow of blood and prevent muscle tension. Staying active during pregnancy has the advantage of keeping the expecting mother in a fit state both physically and mentally.

A lackadaisical attitude during pregnancy can trigger numerous health problems and make it difficult to cope up. Expecting mothers can also join prenatal exercise clubs where many pregnant women perform safe exercised under the guidance of trained professionals.

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