Tips For Lactating Mothers

Most mothers are so preoccupied with their new borns that often they ignore their own health. If you have a newborn, you must be excited and taking good care of your child.
It is true that your newborn needs your attention and care but it is equally true that along with your baby, you too need good care! On top of this if you breast feed your child then more care is needed. Given below are some useful tips for lactating mothers.

Your touch is essential for your baby. Your baby must be familiar with your touch. Hence while breastfeeding put down your baby close to your skin in such a way that your baby gets in contact with your skin.

This will give comfort and warmth to your baby. Take care that your baby’s bottom lip sticks out while sucking. It should not be going in.

Do not be in haste while. Have patience and allot sufficient time for your baby. Do not think that your baby can not sense your feelings. In fact babies can judge emotions.

So if you will be irritated, your baby will be irritated too. In case you are completely breastfeeding your baby, do not supplement unless needed. You can boost your breast milk supply by pumping.

This will also be beneficial in case some other family member wants to feed your baby with a bottle. It is suggested to pump 10 to 15 minutes post feeding. This will increase your supply.

If your baby has developed the habit of biting, then as soon as your baby bites, scream as if you are in pain and at once push your baby’s mouth away from your nipple.

This will teach your baby to stop biting. Some babies develop the habit of biting at the end of feeding. To prevent this, you can give your baby frozen teething rings, or bananas as teethers.

If you are fully breastfeeding your baby and have not had first menstrual period since childbirth, you are not likely to become pregnant during this phase.

You can start using contraceptive six weeks after childbirth. And make sure that you use estrogen-free contraceptive. The injectable DMPA that is used every 3 months can be started six weeks post delivery.

This method does not have adverse effects on breast milk production. Hence you can devote more time for your baby’s care.

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