Baby Schedule

Tips For Creating A Successful Baby Schedule

Getting into a regular schedule for eating, sleeping and other activities can create a lot of difference and make your life easier. You can follow certain guidelines for establishing a routine that works for you and your baby.

Get your baby used to a regular bedtime routine.

Plan according to a predictable bedtime routine that is suitable for both you and your baby. Once you work on this, your daytime schedule will automatically fall into place. For the first few months, you cannot force any kind of routine on your baby. But once your baby is around three months old, you can start practicing and following a bedtime routine.

Teach your baby the difference between night and day.

When a baby is born, he is not aware of the difference between day and night. So they sleep for long stretches during the day and perk up during the night. Help your baby to understand and learn the difference between day and night. You can do this by keeping your lights very dim during the nighht. Keep your house well lit during the day. Do not talk to your baby while you are feeding him at night. You have to make him understand that night is to sleep and day time is for playtime.

Learn to understand what your baby is trying to tell you.

You may be reading a lot of books, articles and websites in order to understand the baby schedules. But each baby is unique. So learn to read his cues and he will let you know what he wants. Paying a close attention will help you anticipate the baby’s needs and life will be lot more easier for both of you. This will take taime and patience but you will find a pattern emerging over time.

Always put your baby’s schedule first.

When you teaching your baby to follow a set routine, you have to make this process your top priority for first few days or weeks. If possible, try to avoid vacations, outings etc so that you do not have to deviate from the routine. Keep your baby’s schedule consistent till he gets used to it.

Change your baby’s schedule according to his age.

When your baby gets older, he will need more playtime and lesser daytime naps. Start introducing solid food once a day and later on several times a day. Your child’s schedule will change as the developmental shifts happen.

Expect some changes during the milestones.

Your baby learns to do so much in the first year. He will achieve some major goals like crawling, sitting up and walking. During this time your baby may divert from his schedule. Do not be surprised. This is a sign that you need to re adjust your routine.

Accept the fact that no one is perfect.

Do not expect that your baby’s schedule will always run like a clockwork. Expect some changes as your baby grows older. Some other factors like a vacation, arrival of a sibling, older siblings will come in to play into your daily life. But remember the fact that this is life. Sometimes the variation is harmless if your baby is getting enough food, sleep and play time.

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