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Tips For Breast Feeding Mothers

Tips For Breast Feeding Mothers

Breast feeding is a topic discussion amongst ladies, some have understood the benefits of breast feeding their young ones and are mentally prepared for it, whereas there are mothers who re still hesitant about breast feeding their babies, maybe its because they are misinformed or they cannot afford to spend the whole day at home with their child, or they arent able to due to some health reasons.

But for those of you who can breast feed an have decided to do the same, here are few tips on how to care for yourself while you are breast feeding.

Do not skip your meals

Having a baby at home is tiring for the first couple of months, changing, feeding getting them to sleep until they wake up and you have to do the same thing all over again. In between this and the household chores and managing your family and baby you may forget to look after yourself. You too need to get ample rest, eat right and keep yourself hydrated.Have food that is high in calcium so that it can replace the amount that is lost by your body while feeding your child. Do not forget to drink loads of water and juice so that you are kept hydrated and energised.

Nurse Regularly

New mothers will feel a bit heavy chested when its time for them to feed, whereas others have a varying temperature and oscillate between feeling feverish and chilly alternatively. This can be reduced by nursing your baby regularly. Make sure that both your breasts are practically empty before taking your baby off them. If you are still getting hot flushes and feeling restless then use a breast pump to unload yourself and take a warm shower which helps too.

Nevertheless, if we still find ourselves with this condition, before the high temperature steps in, pumping some of it out and taking a warm shower would be helpful in reducing it. Talk to your doctor if your are feeling uncomfortable and they’ll give you the best possible advise.

Dress Rightly

Wear a good quality nursing bra and clothes that do not cling onto you. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and are slightly loose fitted. Tight dresses squeeze your breasts and reduces the blood circulation to them, increasing the heat in your body and lactate. Till your are ready to stop feeding your child,stay away from tight tops and satin bras.

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