Avoid during Pregnancy

Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Once you are pregnant, you will be surrounded by well wishers and loved ones who will shower you with tips and suggestions on how to take care of yourself and the baby.

Not all advises are useful and it is up to you to filter those that you know will truly help you, so that you can have a stress free pregnancy. Here are few things that you should avoid during your pregnancy so that your baby or you don’t face any complications.

For leading a healthy life you should do your best to stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs. But when you are pregnant you should and must stay away from these evils. Having any of these will result in serious pregnancy complications, for you and your baby.

NO Smoking and Alcohol

Studies have proven that excess consumption of alcohol and smoking during pregnancy will result in pre term delivery, low birth weight and serious birth defects in your baby. If you have a cat at home avoid changing the cat litter by yourself.

Cat poop contains a parasite called Toxoplasmois gondii, which causes Toxoplasmosis, a disease that has been proven to be fatal to the fetus. If you do no have anyone to replace you wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after changing the box.

Processed cold cut meat or deli meats in salads or sandwiches may be contaminated with Listeria bacteria which is harmful to the baby. So as much as possible avoid eating deli meats and hot dogs unless they are fresh and mainly Hot.

Stay away from the over the counter supplements and medications, whether it is a vitamin tablet, pain reliever or antacids. The ingredients may cause birth defects in your baby, so talk to your doctor and have only prescribed medications that are safe for you.

The idea of taking a dip in hot sauna to calm your aching joints would seem very tempting but studies have proven that elevated body temperatures can lead to neural tube defects and miscarriages. Doctors may ask you to stay away from hot water baths, heating objects like electric blankets, hot packs especially during the first trimester.

If your are one of those who has to start their day with a steaming cup of coffee and follow it up with couple of more cups, then it is time to cut down on your caffeine intake. You dont need to stop coffee, tea or aerated drinks all together.

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