The Risks of Smoking and Drinking during Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant she has to make many adjustments that concerns her life style and food habit. Pregnancy is a delicate and complex process and you should not take chances which may complicate this process. You should now be more responsible with your diet and lifestyle as the well being of your yet-to-arrive baby solely depends on you. If you are not careful and do not take necessary precautions, it may lead to pregnancy complications and even miscarriage.

Though certain things are not under your control, many things are in your hands. There are certain things you can do such as adopting a balanced diet and taking up an exercise regime. Again there are certain things which you should stop indulging in or avoid so that you enjoy a low risk pregnancy. Two such things which you should refrain from during pregnancy are the twin evils – smoking and drinking.

“Smoking is injurious to health” is an age old warning.

The ill effects of smoking need not be reiterated since you must have heard and read about it. Smoking is addictive and many smokers find it very difficult to quit smoking. However, once you have conceived, you must realize that you are now responsible for two lives. Hence you should make a serious effort to quit smoking at least while you are pregnant. Smoking during pregnancy may lead to inadequate oxygen supply to your baby. This can cause serious issues including bleeding and miscarriage. The chemicals that you inhale while smoking also make you susceptible to hypertension. Other effects of smoking during pregnancy include premature birth, stillbirth, and low birth weight. So if you think smoking and pregnancy can go together, it is high time you change your thinking.

Alcohol is again another evil which should be avoided at all cost.The effects of consuming alcohol during pregnancy include behavior abnormalities in the baby and low birth weight. Though drinks with low alcohol content are permissible once in a while, alcohol consumption in general can lead to many health issues and complications.

During pregnancy you should take care of what you eat. Let your healthcare practitioner recommend a pregnancy diet for you. To stay happy, healthy, and fit adopt a light exercise regimen.

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