Baby Motherhood

The Pleasures Of Parenting A New Born Child

Babies are the most beautiful creation of nature. Radiant and full of innocence, they spread unadulterated joy among all those who come in contact with them.Baby care is however a very tough task and requires oodles of patience and resilience. All the pain and troubles associated with pregnancy complications disappear swiftly when the mother lays  her first sight on her new born baby.

Parenting is a very stressful experience. Taking care of a new born is doubly tough for the mother because she has just come out of a difficult pregnancy term. Kids are known to throw tantrums from their early days. Irritation because of the new surroundings  and sleep related issues can make a child restless and prone to long bouts of crying.

Parents must ensure that the baby’s room is well ventilated and the mattresses are soft and comfortable,  not rough and scrubby. They must ensure a fixed bedtime schedule for babies right from their early days. Initially this might prove a difficult task. But putting the baby to sleep at a fixed time of the day or night does program the child’s mind to sleep at that hour everyday.

Breast feeding must be done at fixed times to ensure that the baby’s dietary needs are complied. This can create a eating cycle that helps in better management of the babies food habits. Bathing your baby is another pleasurable chore. This is the time for emotional bonding between the mother and the child. Always ensure the presence of elders or  experienced ladies like a mid-wife or grandmothers while bathing an infant to avoid complications.

There are no fixed style or patterns for parenting. It is an evolving experience. As the child grows up week after week, you will find newer ways to deal with every need and emotion of the child. The child communicates its needs in their own coded, mysterious ways. Experience will teach you to identify those signals and respond to them. The child is the father of man is an old saying. But its meaning stands true even for today. Parenting involves learning from the child about the beautiful emotion called love. Their eyes reflect pure feelings devoid of any negativity looking and accepting things for what they are.

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