The First Six Months Of Baby

The First Six Months Of Baby

During these months you will see your baby develop into a real personality, able to reward you with enchanting smiles and gurgles. Although there are lot of toys aimed at this age group, they need love and your company most of all.

When they are wakeful, take time to talk and smile to them, and respond to the facial expression they pull. Plenty of stimulation in the form of things to look at sounds to hear, and textures to explore are vital too. You don’t need expensive toys; old postcards and photographs, on-glass mirrors,rattles,clothes you’re wearing which they can touch, will all do just as well.

Objects and noises: At around six months, let your baby spend some of their wakeful time sitting in bouncing cradle on the floor. If you show them something colorful that makes a noise, they’ll show interest by wriggling and throwing their limbs out. At this age, they will be able to hold something light if you put it in their hand.

Learning about each other: During the first couple of months of life, your baby can’t focus beyond about 25cm, so bring your face close when you talk to them and exaggerate your expressions and smiles. It’s this eye contact that helps your baby become a person, and shows her what building a loving relationship is all about.

Rolling: Sometimes during this six months, your baby will learn to roll over, from front to back first and then from back to front. It will give them a great sense of achievement; at last they have began to make their body move. Remember that even before they learn to roll, they can fall off things, so never leave them unattended on a high surface, not even on bed.

Learning to sit: As your baby gets more control over their body, help them learn to sit by surrounding them with cushions. They will help the baby to balance and protect if he topples over.

Using their body: Give your baby the chance to explore what they can do with their limbs of body. Lying on their tummy, they will push up on the arms and kick their legs out behind them. They may even balance on their tummy. Massaging them gently with baby oil will teach them about their body too.

Premature babies: Your premature baby will probably reach all his developmental milestones rather later than other babies. Remember that in reality he has two: birthdays; one is the day he was born and the other important is the date when he was expected to be born.

If you take those missing weeks in account, you will almost certainly find that his progress is not slow at all. Take him to the clinic for regular monitoring, and the baby will surely caught up with other children by the age of two.

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