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Swaddling Your Baby

When your baby is in the womb it is in a very secure and warm environment. It is very tightly and snugly fitted into the womb. Once the baby is born, he will suddenly be out in the open and have all the space in the world.

The baby may not yet be ready for this freedom. In order to make the baby feel more secure in his new environment most hospitals, and the doctor himself, will advise you to swaddle the baby. This is an age old practice and is very important for your baby.

How is the Baby Swaddled?

Swaddling can be done by placing the baby on a large square or rectangular cotton sheet. This sheet is tied around the baby tightly so as to prevent the arms and legs from moving too much. The baby sleeps better and also feels more secure. This is good to do till the baby is about two or three months old as you will find that when it is not done, the baby may suddenly jerk its arms into the air in fear.

The baby tends to sleep better when he is tied. After about three months when the baby has begun to understand the use of his arms and legs to a certain extent, you can tie the baby gently with the swaddling cloth from below the arms. You will see that the sudden jerks would have stopped by now. Swaddling is also very important as it is easier to pick up your baby and carry them without parts of their body dropping. Swaddling is very important when you have visitors coming to see the baby. It is very easy for the visitor to carry the baby, or for you to hand over the infant into their arms.

The cloth you use must be relatively thin, and not the woolen variety as your baby will be wearing clothes, a swaddling cloth and a blanket as well. Take care of the amount of wraps he has on his body. Sometimes your baby will start to kick around and be uncomfortable in the swaddling cloth. This means he is more ready to be left open. He should be lightly wrapped so as to give him the space he needs to move around as and when he feels it necessary.

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