Stay At Home Mom

Every woman’s dream is to be a “Stay at home mom” and never have to miss the best part of the growing years of her kid. You need to make a strong and intelligent decision before you take the plunge. You need to weigh all the pros and cons before the final step.

The proposal needs to be discussed with your husband as the decision will have a direct impact on your lifestyle. The way of living will get changed a little bit. Though there are many benefits associated with “stay at home”, a collective decision is needed regarding this matter. The focus should be on how you and he feels about the whole idea. The question of affordability will come later.

When both of you have decided that it is a fine idea for you to stay at home then the finance part comes into play. Now you need to invoke the “stay at home” budget. The idea is to spend less than what is coming into the bank. You will soon realize that staying at home is financially not viable actually. But if you have your priorities sorted out properly then I don’t find any reason why you shouldn’t be able to pull it off.

The trick is not to rely on your credit card as that plastic card can never be a source of your income. Make a list of the expenses that you can actually avoid in a month. There are many opportunities to earn while sitting at home. There are a number of home based jobs which you can take up to supplement your household income. Apart from this you can also do an online course and spruce up your qualifications so that you can accept a more lucrative home based job.

Every woman wants to be a “stay at home” mom.

What requires is a careful planning and consideration of all the factors that can get affected by your decision. Many women have turned to online business and have successfully managed it. By this they have not missed the best part of their kid’s growing up. After all this is what all new moms crave for.

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