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Sleep Patterns In Newborns

Somehow all the problems begin only once you bring the baby home. As each problem is followed by a new one you wonder how to deal with them. These are all natural things that most mothers deal with. One of the biggest problems is the sleeping pattern of the baby.

During the first two months most babies sleep a greater part of the day and night, waking up only when they are hungry and falling asleep after they are fed. But there are some babies who sleep less right from the beginning. There is no definite number of hours of sleep a baby should have. During the initial two months the babies don’t even know the difference between night and day, and they may sleep throughout the day, Seldom waking up for their feed, and then waking up regularly through the night. This problem is usually over after the first two months.

Slowly the baby will sleep less, keep awake and start to take a keen interest in his surroundings. Usually towards evening babies tend to become cranky and troublesome and become irritable. They often suffer from colic in the evenings and need to be carried and comforted till they fall asleep again.

By the time the child is six months the child is able to take two naps during the day, which is alright at this age. This is a good time to start training the child in sleeping through the night. This can depend on their feeds as well. Give the last feed late at night and let him sleep through the night on a full stomach. If he has begun eating semi solid foods he will automatically sleep better as there is no need to wake up for a feed.

Most newborns are more comfortable sleeping on their stomachs. It is actually a more natural position. And it also helps relieve them of their colic. Do not bother about keeping quiet while the baby sleeps. Allow them to hear the normal household noises. Only very loud noises will wake them up. Newborn babies can also sleep in bright light. So allow them to grow in their sleep.

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