Pregnancy Problem

Signs Of A Pregnancy Problem

Pregnancy Problem

It is a wonderful feeling of being pregnant. But it comes with lots of pregnancy related discomforts and some signs which you should never ignore.

How do you know whether that sudden abdominal pain is normal or it’s time to call your doctor?

Here is a list of symptoms that you should never ignore. Even if there is no problem, it is always better to be cautious.

If your baby is kicking less that usual, you must call your midwife or doctor. After your baby begins to move regularly, try to keep a track of his movements. You can monitor the movements of the baby by doing “kick counts”.

If you have severe and persistent abdominal pain, call your doctor immediately. Ask your doctor to review your signs.

If you notice any kind of vaginal discharge or if the discharge becomes very bloody or watery, consult your midwife. It is important to note that an increase in discharge is normal after 37 weeks of pregnancy and it may be a sign that you may be go into labor soon.

If you have severe and persistent vomiting accompanied by a high fever, call your doctor for check up.

Painful, burning or no urination at all is also an indicator of some pregnancy related problem. Difficulty in breathing, chest pain, coughing up blood, fainting, frequent dizziness or severe constipation is also amongst the signs of pregnancy problems.

You must seek urgent medical attention if you are exposed to some communicable disease like chicken pox or any kind of flu. If you feel profound sense of sadness or depression or continuous negative thoughts, seek medical help immediately.

If you are near your due date, it is always better to check for signs of labor so that you know what is coming and you can get the time to prepare yourself.

Your body is experiencing many changes at a very past pace so it not always possible to know whatever you are experiencing is normal or serious. So if you feel uneasy or suspect any problem.

it is better to suspect your instincts and call the doctor immediately. If everything is all right, you will be assured and if there is a problem, you will get help right away.

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