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Put Your Newborn To Sleep At Night

Sleeping disorder is common to almost every newborn. Initially, the newborn does not have any routine time for being asleep. Many of them sleep throughout the day and night and wakes up only during feeding. However, for some newborns, daytime is the night time, when they sleep comfortably.

But when it is time to relax and sleep for the rest of the family, then she gets up and starts nagging. Particularly, for this type of babies, you must find out some way out so that you can get some sleep along with your baby during the night.

At the beginning, most probably your baby will sleep for almost 20 – 22 hours a day. But gradually she will start to remain awake for more hours. This is the right time to induce her slowly into a proper sleeping schedule. Usually your baby should sleep for 2-3 hours after every feed. But after few days, you will find that she is remaining awake even after the morning feed.

In this situation do not force her to sleep, in case she is not feeling sleepy. If you force her to sleep, probably she will fall asleep. But she will get up within few minutes and more badly she will get habituated with this forcibly sleeping technique. In later days, she will never be able to sleep of her own. Again if she is awake for 1-2 hours in the morning, she will easily fall asleep for long duration after the feed at the lunch time. By that time, you can also take a short nap to fill up your energy for the rest of the day.

Similar technique should be followed in the afternoon time also. You may take her for a walk or play with her or indulge yourself in any kind of activity to keep her awake in the evening. Initially, she will reject to enjoy all these activities and prefer to take short naps. But eventually she will learn to remain awake during the evening. This way, after the night feed she will automatically get asleep without your help. Use a dim light in her room and maintain silence so that she can go to deep sleep.

Simply stick to this daily routine and within weeks she will adjust herself with your daily schedule of sleeping and getting up.

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