Preparing For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most cherished period in a woman’s life. Deciding to welcome a baby into your life is indeed a very important decision.

All steps must be taken beforehand itself to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Steps Towards A Healthy Pregnancy

Be sure to get all your medical checkups done before planning your pregnancy, even if you are completely healthy. By doing this the risks if any, which can be associated with your pregnancy,can be minimized.

Also be sure to inform your physician about your family medical history and previous pregnancy complications if any. Thus the physician can guide you to have a healthy pregnancy without any complications.

Healthy eating habits gain more importance when you plan your pregnancy. Avoid Junk food. Start including more leafy vegetables in your diet. Your diet should ideally contain fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, rice and cereals, dairy products like milk which is a high source of calcium, and also protein rich foods like pulses and meat.

Also try to limit the sugar intake as excess levels of sugar can cause high risk conditions during pregnancy. If you smoke or consume alcohol, give up the habits at least 3 months before planning your pregnancy.

Taking health supplements before pregnancy is also very important. Most medical practitioners prescribe folic acid tablets. Folic acid is a class of vitamin B which will help to prevent neural tube defects in the baby.

Whatever supplements you take, make sure they are prescribed by your medical practitioner as the dosage is also very important. Avoid any sort of self medication.

If you are underweight or overweight you will probably have difficulty in conceiving. Try to achieve the required weight as per the BMI standards to avoid having problems during pregnancy. Crash dieting or over eating is not a solution for this problem.

Healthy weight conditions can be achieved by a proper diet and regular exercise. A regular exercise regime should always be followed to keep yourself healthy not only during your pregnancy but throughout your life.

Above all avoid stress and try to be happy throughout. You should always remember that a healthy body only resides in a healthy mind.

Thus by proper planning and by taking proper care, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable pregnancy and welcome a healthy and happy baby to this world.

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