Preparing For Baby Arrival

Preparing For Baby Arrival Checklist

Waiting for your baby to arrive is the biggest excitement in a would-be-parent’s life. The anticipation of finally meeting the baby is big. In your mind you have already formed your baby’s image. The discomfort of nine months is quickly forgotten when you see your child for the first time. However, in all this excitement and anticipation don’t forget to prepare for the baby’s arrival well in advance.

The mother-to-be should pack her hospital suitcase towards the end of eighth month. Toothbrush, paste, soap, comb, slippers, undergarments, maternity gowns, and a small mirror are some of the things you will need. Carry nursing bras (if you plan on breastfeeding) and sanitary pads as well. You may also add shawls and cardigans for yourself and a small makeup kit.

Take pajamas as well since you will be required to walk a lot both during and after delivery. Wearing pajamas will keep you warm and comfortable. You can also pack a special dress to wear when you take your baby home the first time. Chances are that friends and family would have already gathered to greet mother and baby and you will want to look good.

For the baby you will have to pack nappies, clothes, blankets, towels, wipes, bottles (in case you plan to formula feed), infant formula, diapers, a baby record book for noting the measurements taken at the time of birth, pacifiers (if you approve of them) and rattles. Also get you car fitted with baby seat so that you can comfortably take your baby home the first time. You may also carry a fancy suit for the baby to wear to home when family members will be there to welcome the baby.

Pack your stuff and the baby’s in different bags so that the nurse helping you at the hospital need not rummage through the suitcase. You can keep your clothes in a suitcase and for the baby you can buy a baby duffel bag. Baby duffel bags have separate pockets to keep diapers, bottles etc. Keep the bags at the back of the car at least two weeks before your due date. This way you won’t forget the bags at home in case you have to be rushed immediately to the hospital. And don’t forget to keep a camera to capture all the special moments. Baby arrival

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