Pregnancy And Low Blood Pressure

During pregnancy, a woman may experience a condition known as low blood pressure or hypotension. Even though this condition may not be as dangerous as high blood pressure, it can very well bring about many problems in your pregnancy.

For a normal personal the average  blood pressure will be around 120/80.But if the upper limit of your blood pressure reading is below 90 and lower limit is below 60 ,then you have a severe case of hypotension.

Low blood pressure can cause conditions of dizziness and fainting. You many also experience extreme fatigue, nausea, and shallow breathing.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of low blood pressure during pregnancy.

The expansion of circulatory system during pregnancy can be a cause for the drop in the blood pressure. When you are pregnant, your blood volume will increase to meet the needs of the growing baby. This leads to a drop in your blood pressure levels.

Low blood sugar levels, dehydration, certain infections, and anemia can all cause a significant drop in your blood pressure. Also when you are pregnant, more blood pools in the area of the legs. This restricts the blood flow to the brain, thus leading to poor circulation and in turn causing hypotension.

By following a healthy lifestyle and proper diet, you will be able to tackle the problem of hypotension during pregnancy.

Follow a regular exercise routine. Exercise helps to stabilize your blood pressure and will help to improve your overall health condition. Dehydration caused due to lack of body fluids can be a main reason for you to have low blood pressure. To combat this condition, drink plenty of fluids.

Do not stand continuously for long periods of time .Also when you sleep do lie down on your sides so as to maximize the blood flow to your heart.

Do follow a healthy and well balanced diet to keep in control anemia and low blood sugar, which are the causative agents of hypotension. Do not go hungry for long periods of time and have small meals throughout the day to stabilize blood sugar levels in your body.

If you experience constant bouts of giddiness and you do faint often, then do consult your doctor immediately. Take care not to have any medications without consulting your doctor as it may harm your developing fetus.

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