Pregnancy and Behavioral Changes

Pregnancy And Behavioral Changes

Pregnancy And Behavioral Changes

Pregnancy is a time when a woman has to undergo numerous changes in terms of physical as well as emotional health. The period during pregnancy is characterized by abnormal mood swings and drastic behavioral changes.

Some of them are a result of secretion of certain hormones and the physical changes in the body while others can result from anticipation and anxiety about the pregnancy and the coming of the new born. One of the most common troubles faced by expecting mother includes abnormal cravings for soil or coal. Usually such cravings are triggered by the deficiency of minerals especially iron and calcium.

Nonetheless these cravings are different from cravings for food items like chocolates. However such cravings should be controlled or else it can result in excessive weight gain. Fatigue and tiredness are other common troubles in pregnancy. Taking ample rest and a sound sleep at night can help you overcome this problem. Moreover regular exercise regime should be maintained to avoid stiffness in muscles.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnant women can practice light exercises and go for a walk everyday to keep their muscles flexible. Sometimes the anxiety about the pregnancy can cause sleeplessness. Sharing your worries with your family members will help you feel light and relaxed. Practicing yoga and meditation is also helpful as it relieves anxiety and helps you to relax and calm down. At times, the urge to pass urine may be a cause of disturbing your sleep at night.

To avoid this, you can restrict your intake of fluids at night and avoid caffeinated products that can keep you awake at night. Hormonal changes in the body often trigger unexpected mood swings. During such periods, expectant women may feel depressed or experience bouts of extreme high. Warning your family members beforehand about your mood swings can avoid the chances of misunderstanding.

Though the period of pregnancy can trigger some abnormal emotions and fears, do not forget that you should keep yourself happy and relaxed during this period. Sharing time with family and reading motivating books will help you to overcome periods when you feel low and full of despair.

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