Postpartum Depression

PostPartum Depression Most women go through some form of depression after the birth of the baby. Your life will be considerably altered due to the baby. The new mother will not have any time for herself and will be adjusting to the new life which includes not only husband and wife but the addition of the baby as well.  There are many reasons why post partum depression occurs.

Some of them are if the baby’s sex or appearance is not as per the expectations of the parents, if the mother gets jealous of the father’s freedom. The mother is also sometimes jealous of the baby due to it’s need to be loved, caressed and cared for. Being stuck at home and made to care for the baby at all times while others are carrying on with their routine lives causes a lot of discomfort which leads to depression for the new mother.

Before the delivery it would be good to arrange for some back up support to help when the baby comes. Keeping a maid or a nurse for a short period would put some strain off you. Allow the grandparents to help in whatever way they can. Make use of baby sitters ask your husband to take time off work for the initial period.

It is easier if you don’t have to do this alone. The person who helps need not be skilled. Anyone being around you will give you the emotional support that you need.Sleep is another way to prevent post partum depression. Due to the frequent interruptions in sleep the baby brings, the new mother should hand over the baby to others when not feeding and get the extra sleep.

The husband’s role should not end on returning home after the delivery. The more he bonds with the child, the more he will continue to feel involved after the baby comes. This involvement by the father itself will do wonders in preventing the stress caused to the mother.It is necessary to take time away from the baby even though you may not want to just to spend a little extra time with your husband, which is much needed. It is not so easy to adjust to your new life, just take it easy and balance it well. This too shall pass.

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