Panic Attacks Pregnancy

Panic Attacks And Pregnancy

Panic Attacks And Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one those times in a woman’s life when life changes to a great extent and it brings about a lot of changes in her physique. This is such a period in life when women should take extra care of their health and those who suffer from any complications should take extra care.

Panic attacks can easily hit a pregnant woman as during pregnancy many hormonal changes take place in a woman’s body. This is because hormonal changes can make the pregnant woman react differently to a particular situation. Hence panic is quite common amongst the pregnant women.
Now how and why does panic attack harass the pregnant women?

The excessive secretion of the hormone called Serotonin is mostly responsible forpanic attacks during pregnancy. Stress and anxiety during pregnancy could be the reason for panic attacks. But then these panic attacks can prove to be dangerous to the pregnant women and her child. Therefore it is extremely imperative to combat the problems which can cause panic attacks during pregnancy.

Now in order to keep the problems of panic attacks away one needs to prevent bouts of excessive fear. Fear can hamper the health of your baby and cause you a lot of problem. Diet is another factor that you need to take care off. Try to eat normal, healthy life and eat balanced food for that would help to maintain the hormonal balance in your health. Even if you think that you might face panic attacks don’t overreact; learn the symptoms of panic attacks so that when you are victimized by it, you can fight against it.

Consulting a doctor can be of great help for pregnancy is a crucial time when panic attacks can add a lot of complications. The doctor will help you to deal with the situation and might also put you on useful medication. He would suggest you a number of medicines like the anti-anxiety medicine which he might prescribe will increase your confidence, needed to fight a panic attack. There are many breathing exercises which would help you to keep your cool and develop the fitness needed to fight these types of panic attacks.

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