Painless Childbirth

Painless Childbirth

The process of childbirth is one of the most difficult times for the mother. While it is something she looks forward all through her pregnancy, it can also be the most frightening. for the new mother, she does not know what to expect and what she will feel. No amount of reading can prepare you enough for the process. For the mother who has already had children before, the fear of previous pregnancies is what is her fear.

There are some mothers who say that their experience with childbirth was completely free from pain. This is not from some miracle, but with a lot of patience and practice. You can use these hints to help you have a painless pregnancy too.

Knowledge : It is when you do not know what it to happen or expect that your fear is greatest. Read about childbirth as much as you can. Knowing will help you feel more prepared and in control. It is when you feel things are beyond you that you tend to panic.Being calm and in control will help you feel relaxed and prepared. You will know when your contractions are coming and how to breathe through them, making it easier. As labour progresses, you will also know when the contractions get more intense and closer together. You will also be able to find a more comfortable position for yourself.

Spouse : Support and comfort are vital. It is important that the spouse be involved. This cannot happen through childbirth alone. Take them for doctor’s appointments, sonographies and any classes you might take. You spouse will then understand you and the baby better, and will know how they can be of help. Encouragement and caring will see you a long way through childbirth.

Exercise : Your body is enduring a lot of pain and contractions through this process. It is important to keep the body fit and exercise it even through the process. You can try squatting in the initial phase when you experience contractions. This will help dilation, and also help the baby’s head come down quicker. It will also help with the pains. You will also see that your calves and feet will start to cramp. You should try some simple knee lifts and exercises to keep them comfortable.

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