Natural Childbirth

Natural Childbirth

Many women choose to have a natural birth instead of getting an epidural. A natural birth is much more painful, but there are many ways you can prepare yourself for it to ease the pain. Some women feel any type of drugs during labor will harm their baby, so they choose to have a completely  natural childbirth.

Every mother should have some type of birth plan ready to go when she goes to the hospital to have her baby. This allows the doctor and nurses to understand exactly the way you want to give birth. This is your baby and you have much say in the way it is born.

You should educate yourself on giving birth so you will be prepared for what you are in for. Most hospitals give classes about childbirth to expectant mothers. These classes will also help you learn to breath, and give you many other tips to help you get through a natural child birth. Many women are in labor for hours and you have to endure pain for quite a while. Learning these tips will help you get through it. It will also help your husband learn what he can do to help you while you are in pain during  labor.

Natural Childbirth

Talk with your doctor before you go into labor. Many women find relief from their pain by walking around the room or by sitting in a hot shower. Make sure your doctor will allow you to do this. There are some doctors that think staying in bed is best for a woman in labor. Other doctors will place a chair in the shower to allow  the woman to sit in the shower and let the water run on her back, which is where many women have most of their back pain during labor.

Natural childbirth is completely healthy for the baby, and if you are scared to get an epidural or just want a natural childbirth, you can do it if you prepare for it. Take classes at the hospital, talk with your doctor and nurses, and talk to your husband about different things you can do to make sure you are completely ready to have your precious baby. Take something to the hospital from home that will help comfort you, such as a favorite blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, etc. Do whatever it takes to help you get through this wonderful but very painful experience.

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