Myths About Breastfeeding And Breast Milk

The benefits of breastfeedinghave been known for years. But for various reasons, personal or otherwise, many moms still prefer bottlefeeding.

And another contributing factor discouraging breastfeeding are few myths surrounding breastfeeding and breast milk. And all myths originate from ignorance.

So, if are thinking about breastfeeding your baby, you should know what these myths are so that you are discouraged from breastfeeding your baby.

A very common myth about breastfeeding is the mother should stop breastfeeding if she is on medication. Well, this is not at all true. Yes, it is true that traces of medicines may appear in the breast milk but the quantity of these traces is so less that this is no cause for concern.

In fact, most of the medicines are safe for use during breastfeeding. Very few types of medications are unsafe. But still there are alternatives medications for these which are equally effective.

Is continuing breastfeeding during infection unsafe? This is one of the common questions breastfeeding moms ask. The best option to protect your baby from getting infected or fight infection in your baby is to breastfeed her.

When you have an infection, the symptoms begin to reflect only days after you have been actually infected. As such, there is high possibility that the baby is also already infected. And the best way to fight infections in babies is to breastfeed them.

A common myth about breast milk is that it does not contain iron in the amount required by the baby. This is another false belief about breast milk. The breast milk contains the right quantity of iron which is needed by your baby until she turns 6 months old.

This is also why the minimum period for breastfeeding is fixed at 6 months after which the baby is introduced to solid food gradually. And as you introduce other foods in addition to breastfeeding, the question of iron deficiency in baby does not arise.

It is also belief that babies who are breast fed need extra vitamin D. This is again not true. Your baby had stored enough vitamin D while she was inside your womb and with regular exposure to soft sunlight the baby get enough amount of vitamin D.

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