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Mother Care In The Second Month

Once you are pregnant, there is a lot of happiness and elation not only with you and your spouse but with the entire family. If you are having a planned pregnancy, you are most likely to realize in the first month itself whether you are pregnant or not. You will also be more watchful even after you are just trying to get pregnant.

Once the first month has passed and the initial excitement has worn out, you begin to wonder how you are going to deal with the next eight months. One of the most crucial times in your pregnancy is the second month. It is in this month that most of the baby’s vital organs are beginning to form. The hand and leg buds begin to develop. The eye sockets are also forming.

In the second month, when you go for an ultrasound, you will see the shape of your baby beginning to emerge. At this time, it looks more like a tiny teddy bear. You can, however, see the features of the face beginning to form.

This is the time when most of the miscarriage take place. You need to be more careful than you would at any other time. Lots of rest is required and you should avoid traveling till the second month is complete. After this time, your baby will have settles into thee womb and both you and the baby are relatively safe. Other problems like spotting also begin in the second month.

This also needs immediate attention and may require complete bed rest. Spotting does not always lead to a miscarriage, but you must start to be much more careful now.

You should make sure that you have had all your blood and other check ups required at this stage. You will need to check for thyroid and blood pressure. You should attend to them. You will also need to start taking vitamins and other supplements for the baby.

If you take enough care and get through the second month easily, the rest will be smooth sailing. You just need to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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