Maternity Skin Care

Maternity Skin Care

Pregnancy is the time when a lot of changes come in the body of a woman. There are physical changes and hormonal changes too. Skin is the outermost layer of the skin and if there are any changes or problems in the skin it is easily conspicuous.

Maternity is the time when a woman finds a lot of changes happening to her. Pregnancy is the time when a lot of care should be taken for your skin. During pregnancy you must take good care of your health in order to stay fit and healthy.

This means you should have the right food at the right time which will keep you and your baby in good health. In normal life we always take care of our skin therefore during pregnancy you should be cautious about your health as well as your skin. Nature of the skin generally changed very drastically after the hormonal changes.

Some Skin Conditions During Pregnancy

During pregnancy many woman actually complain about dry skin. This happens due to over stretching of the skin and there is no such treatment for it. This is a very common problem faced by most of the pregnant women. If you are pregnant you can also face problems like itchy rashes, little discoloration of the skin and also herpes.

Mask of pregnancy is one thing that is usually caused during pregnancy because of hormonal imbalance. You can understand this by checking your nose, forehead and upper lips which you will find some discoloration. At times these skins are very darkish in color and are full of wrinkles and can fall off really easily.

This problem is mostly seen during the second month and the beginning of the third month and there is no suck treatment for this. You can simply prevent yourself from exposing much to the sunlight which can worsen the situation. Therefore if you are pregnant and if you are suffering from melasma try not to expose yourself too much in to the sun. These marks vanish easily after the baby is born.

Acne and psoriasis is another problem that a pregnant woman suffers from. If you prone to acne then the condition worsen during pregnancy. Acne and psoriasis are the two common things that are mainly faced by a woman during maternity. There are several drugs that are available which can be taken but not without doctors consult. Urticaria of pregnancy is mostly seen to occur during the third month and it is characterized by rashes and itching.

These itchy rashes can be very severe or can be mild but they vanish after delivery. Hives during pregnancy can be soothed with the help of a calamine lotion. It gives some relief to the woman. Anti histamines are recommended at times although it is not right to take many drugs during this time. Another very common infection that is seen during maternity is herpes infection.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin?

Try and pamper your skin a lot but do it in a safe manner. Do not apply to much chemicals on your skin which can worsen the situation and moreover it is not safe for the baby also. Always exfoliate your skin as much as you can. It helps a lot to remove the dead skin and makes your skin soft and tender. After exfoliating your skin well you must gently wash your skin with a nice face wash or a cleanser.

This helps to remove all the dirt particles from your skin and gives a glowing effect to your skin. Do not forget to tone up your skin after cleaning it well with a good face wash. Remember not to put soap on your face. They have many chemicals in them which can be harmful for you as well as for your baby.

From the initial stage if you start taking good care of your skin you will not have to face the problems of stretch marks, or brown marks. Do not be very alarmed if you see yellow or brown patches on your face. This happens during pregnancy but they also disappear on their own after delivery. You must remember that everything that you eat or apply on your body gets absorbed inside and can affect your child in a good or bad way.

If you have skin problems do not apply anything and everything without doctors concern. The lotion that you apply contains chemical in them. This can easily affect the child. Many lotions contain retinoid which is very harmful for a baby and the mother. They contain good amount of vitamin A which helps in getting rid of marks. If you are taking oral retinoid then you must immediately stop it because it can cause your child’s death.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Skin During Maternity?

Apart from your health it is also important that you take care of your skin during maternity. You will be facing many problems during this time so do not be scared or alarmed. You will see many changes in your skin. Your skin starts stretching because of which you have stretch marks. Maternity skin care is very important so that after delivery your skin looks glowing.

Try out the home remedies that are available. These are natural and have no chemical reaction. Natural ingredients also have the power to heal the skin problems really fast without any chemical reaction. The more products you use the more the chemicals get absorbed in the blood stream. Any product containing acid should be strictly avoided.

Some of the face and body peels contains good amount of salicylic acid which is not recommended for pregnant women. If from an early stage you start taking care of your stretch marks then later your skin will look normal and vibrant. Coco butter cream is one of the most common things used by most of the pregnant woman. It helps you from getting any kind of stretch marks on your body in any part.

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