Managing A Career Along With Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a joyous occasion for a couple more so is if you have been trying to have a baby since long time. However, if you are a working woman, being pregnant is going to pose some serious challenges for 9 months. Balancing your career along with your pregnancy, although difficult can be managed with ease by striking a perfect balance between the two.

With proper planning, organizing, care and support, you can manage your career and also sail through your pregnancy smoothly. Organizations all around the world are very supportive of pregnant employees. Special care and attention is given to them. If you are pregnant, not only you boss, but also your colleagues will be extra supportive. Your company’s support is vital and imperative, but you also need to take utmost care of yourself while working. You have to understand that you are no longer alone, and have a baby growing inside you.

You don’t need to take care of yourself only, but also of your little unborn baby. Lots of changes happen during pregnancy both physically and mentally, that might weaken your body to a certain extent. You wont be able to work for longer hours, as the way used to work prior to your pregnancy. Don’t overwork or exert yourself. Make sure that you listen to your body’s needs and draw a line in whatever you do. Just because, other pregnant women in your office worked for longer no of hours, doesn’t make you any less than them.

This is because, condition of each and every pregnant woman varies. One another hindrance that might trouble you is that of traveling to your workplace during pregnancy.    Traveling is anyways considered to be quiet tedious on your body, even if you are not pregnant. Also travel becomes more notorious if you travel be highly congested public transport. Try to arrange your travel schedules in such a way that you would not face heavy traffic. Talk with your immediate boss, and ask him to give you the flexibility in daily time schedule. Don’t ever forget to miss your monthly or weekly appointments with your health care provider.

Talk to your boss beforehand itself about this, since these appointments are going to be a regular feature during the entire course of pregnancy. Always take home made food to your workplace in order to avoid catching up infections. Keep your prescribed medication in your handbag and take them during your lunch time. Don’t skip the medication, as it is essential and vital for you and your baby.

All the above things will help you to strike a perfect balance between work and pregnancy. Don’t think about the future of your career, during the pregnancy period. Keep the options open till you have the baby.

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