Make Your Own Healthy Baby Food

When it comes to baby food, the common practice is to visit the nearest grocery store and buy a box of branded baby food. But these are anything but healthy.

The saving grace is that the parents are now very much health conscious and they prepare baby food on their own. Though this is a bit time consuming, the food that you make at home is healthy because of the ingredients.

The home made baby foods are wholesome and packed with all the vital nutrition. The cost of preparing baby food at home is also less compared to a branded box that is anyway laden with harmful chemicals. There are no preservatives added to homemade food in order to increase its shelf life. So in this way homemade baby food is much safer and economical too.

Many parents are unaware as to how to make the first baby food at home. So here is a very simple recipe of apple sauce. First slice 3 delicious apples; peel it and cut it into small pieces. Place it in a saucepan and the flame should be low. After a minute or two, pour half a cup of sterilized water.

You should never use mineral water while preparing baby food. This is because the sediments will settle in the baby food and may damage the GI tract which is immature in an infant. The likely side effect of using mineral water would be food allergies as the baby grows up.

Boil the apples in the saucepan till it becomes tender. Cover the pan while it is on flame. Do not put any artificial sweeteners or sugar. The mixture can be put in the fridge for around 5 to 7 days.

Another easy recipe would be the peach sauce. Do not buy the bottled peach sauce. If the baby is 3 to 5 months young, then fresh peaches are the best option. Fresh canned peach sauce is good enough for babies who are more than six months.

The process for making peach sauce is similar to that of apple sauce. Making sauce from the canned peaches is a trifle bit easier as they are already sterilized. For babies who are under six months,

the mashing needs to be smooth and perfect. It is very easy to make homemade baby food. You can try with lots of other fruits and vegetables. This is much more healthier than the branded baby foods.

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