Losing weight after pregnancy

Mothers after delivery don’t look the same as what they were before they conceived.  It has been noticed that they put on weight mainly on their waist and hips. They become heavier than what they were when four months pregnant.

Getting back to shape before confinement is far easier than after delivery. In the modern times individuals, including mothers have a great desire to look fit, fabulous and energetic.

Mothers need not lose hope for it is not that difficult to get back to shape. A little effort, will power and following a regular regimen will definitely make them fit, active and healthy. Mothers are the providers of nutrition to their baby through breast feeding.

At this stage cutting down on calories may not be beneficial to the babies. Even overeating is bad for the mother. A balanced, nutritious food of about 1500-1800 calories per day is ideal for the lactating mother.

The most important aspect for a mother and child is the breast feeding. Stopping breast feeding may lead to undernourished growth of the baby as breast milk is the best food for the babies. It is a source of nutrition, it develops immunity, and it is fed at the right temperature.

Studies have proven that breastfeeding mothers lose weight faster than the bottle feeding mothers. Weaning should start only when the baby starts taking solid foods. Feeding is advantageous to both mother and child.

Exercises are a mandatory requirement for mothers. It is advisable to do light exercises which keep them light, hale and healthy. Exercises are a great benefit as it removes depression, increases energy levels, removes lethargy and cuts down on the inches.

Walking is said to be the best exercise but outdoor walking may not be possible for all mothers. Those who can afford time can go for small walks in the morning when the child is asleep. But still with the small child, sleepless nights and time constraints, it is better to have a stroll inside the house.

Some of the tips for the mothers would be to keep moving inside the house, to do the daily chores of the house, to take stairs instead of elevators, to go out for a walk of small distances, avoiding desk work jobs, standing at times instead of long hours of sitting at the desk, selecting a suitable work out plan according to suitable time and needs.

Staying fit is an important factor as it has positive effects on the physical, mental and psychological aspects of the mother. Following the regimen strictly with simple indoor exercises, breastfeeding, proper diet will cut down the extra pounds and the mothers will soon get back into shape.

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