Is Green Tea And Pregnancy A Good Combination?

Nutritious and healthy diet during pregnancy is of great concern for most pregnant women. There are some foods that are considered harmful during pregnancy. On the other hand, some foods are very beneficial for the expectant mothers as well as the babies, if consumed during pregnancy. There are also some foods that need to be consumed in moderation in order to reap its benefits.

Green tea has gained popularity in recent time and is often referred to as the ‘wonder tea’ due to its numerous health benefits. Many pregnant women want to know whether consumption of green tea during pregnancy is safe or not. Let us try to find an answer to this query.

There is no clear cut answer about the safety of green tea consumption during pregnancy. Experts have different opinions on this topic. Some believe that if you consume green tea during your pregnancy, it will benefit you as well as your developing baby.

On the contrary, some other experts believe that consumption of green tea during pregnancy may cause significant harm to you and your baby.

Few studies conducted on the safety of green tea consumption during pregnancy are not sufficient to reach at the conclusion. Other studies conducted claim that consuming green tea during pregnancy is quite safe if it is consumed in moderate quantity.

Consumption of green tea in large quantity during pregnancy is not free from side effects. Presence of caffeine in green tea may produce negative effects on the unborn baby.

Caffeine has been linked to miscarriage and infertility. Consumption of excess caffeine can also result in still birth, and low birth weight. Folic acid is considered essential for the development of the fetus. But excess caffeine depletes folic acid and thus affects the sound development of the baby.

Green tea is high in antioxidants, which are helpful in preventing the risk of heart disease and cancer. But these antioxidants are not useful in the case of body folate. Body folate is essential for secure conception and pregnancy.

Due to excess consumption of green tea during pregnancy, caffeine finds a place in the breast milk and may cause harm to the baby. It also interferes with the absorption of iron from food.

It can be concluded that consumption of green tea in small quantities after the first trimester can be quite safe. But it is better to avoid caffeine during pregnancy.

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