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If Your Lifestyle Is Causing Infertility

If Your Lifestyle Is Causing Infertility

You would know that your lifestyle is causing infertility if you are unable to conceive even after unprotected sexual intercourse for twelve months. This is not an extremely alarming problem because withtreatment and a proper and controlled lifestyle you will definitely be able to get over this problem. Somelifestyle problems leading to infertility are expounded below.

Excess amount of  fat consumption causes reduced fat and protein metabolism in the liver and decreases the blood flow to the reproductive organs. This causes hormonal imbalance which in turn leads to erectile dysfunction in men and disturbance in menstrual cycle in women. The treatment is to improve your diet.

Overdose of caffeine and alcohol is another important factor causing infertility. If caffeine is taken in moderate amount it neither causes miscarriage or infertility. If you have too much of coffee then this can cause miscarriage or infertility because caffeine acts as a stimulant for the production of some hormones.

Over production of such hormones can lead to a decrease in ovulation and thus hamper conception. Similarly when alcohol is taken in moderate amounts it increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs increasing fertility in men and women.

Cause infertility

But when alcohol is over consumed specially for women, it increases the production of the hormone prolactin which disrupts ovulation leading to infertility. Too much alcohol for men causes low level of testosterone which decreases the sexual drive and produces low quality sperm. This leads to infertility in men.

If you are fond of biking and often go for trips on off-road mountains then you should be very careful. Studies have shown that too much biking causes problem in your scrotum leading to low sperm count. You should take care to avoid swelling, pain and other damages to your reproductive system which can lead to infertility.

A lifestyle where you do rigid exercise can also lead to infertility as it interferes with the production of sperms and eggs. Rigorous exercise also reduces the brain message to ovaries and testes.

The blood flow to the reproductive organs is reduced and a false message is sent to the nervous system to divert all energy to other organs. This hampers ovulation leading to infertility. Thus if your lifestyle is causing infertility you can take measures to bring this problem to an end and undergo proper treatment.

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