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How To Use Maternity Pregnancy Pillows

In today’s world there are a lot of  knick knacks which are available to facilitate the needs of pregnant women and to make their life easy.  Among such accessories, a popular one is the maternity pillow.

These pillows which are claimed by many pregnant women as a smooth sleep facilitating factor, are always in huge demand. Read on to discover the needs and uses of this wonder pregnancy pillows.

Why Use Maternity Pillows

Lack of proper sleep is a main problem which troubles many women during their pregnancy period. This condition can be caused due to many factors, and an important one among them being the growing pregnancy belly. To promote better blood flow and oxygen supply to the baby, pregnant women are advised to sleep on their sides. But once again, due to the weight of the huge abdomen, many find this a difficult process to accomplish.

Attempting to sleep in such a pobsition may also lead to formation of unwanted stress on the back, hips and even the neck. Leg cramps and pains which are a common pregnancy side effect can also prove to be hindrance to your sleep.

To tackle all these problems and to get a good night’s sleep, one can resort to the use of maternity pregnancy pillows. Apart from helping you get through pregnancy, these pillows can also be used for providing support while you are nursing your baby. Depending on specific needs, you can choose from a variety of pregnancy pillows which are available in the market.

The Types

There are a huge variety of maternity pillows available in the market with sizes ranging from that of a normal pillow to those which may be as tall as you. Among the various types, the smallest and simplest one will consist of two small pillows which are attached together lengthwise.

Then there is a pair of bean shaped pillows which consists of an attachable strap attached to it on either side. Another type of a pregnancy pillow is the full length one which will have a length of around 5 to 6 feet. The wedge shaped pillow is also a variety which is highly in demand.

The Mode of Usage

Mostly women start using maternity pillows around 16 weeks of their pregnancy when the tummy really starts getting big. To make the most out of these pillows, it is imperative that you use them in a proper manner.

The small size maternity pillow is the simplest one to use and all you have to do is to lie on your sides, tuck the pillow in between your knees and hug it with your arms. You can also place an extra pillow on your back in order to provide support to your spine.

These pillows can also be used to provide adequate support to your legs and prevent leg cramps. Placing them at your feet will help to keep your legs in an elevated position, thereby increasing the blood flow to the legs and successfully tackling problems like varicose veins.

If you use a full size body pillow, then place one end of it on your back near the neck and tuck the other end under your side. This way your neck and spine will be supported and your stomach will also get enough support. If you feel that your hips need extra support, then instead of tucking the rear end of the pillow at your sides, tuck it in between your legs. This pillow is seen as a great measure to get rid of back pain.

Another way to provide extra support to your spine is to use a wedge shaped pillow, which has a tall and a short side. Here, you place the tall side of the wedge pillow by your spine and by doing so, the short sides will automatically reach a position where it can be tucked comfortably under the tummy, thereby supporting it comfortably.

If you want to use a bean shaped pillow, then all you have to do is to simply lie in between the pad which is provided between the two pillows. By moving the thin adjustable strap, you can then adjust the placement of the pillows and position them in a way which is most comfortable for you.

While selecting a maternity pregnancy pillow, apart from taking into consideration your basic needs, do also keep in mind the space available in your bed. If you plan to choose huge maternity pregnancy pillows, then make sure that there is enough space available in the bed for you to sleep comfortably, along with the pillows.

Thus by choosing a maternity pillow most suitable for you, you can tackle many sleep hindering factors and can be ensured of a good night’s sleep during pregnancy.

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