How To Try to Get Pregnant With One Ovary

At the younger age when a girl starts to play with dolls then onwards she conceives the idea of getting a family, a man and moreover a cute, little baby whom she can pamper, she can scold and can take care of .

As the girl grows many childhood memories fade away but the concept of having a cute and little baby becomes original. Really, motherhood is the best gift of God to any woman to experience. Unfortunately sometimes some women suffer from acute mental agony for having one ovary which sometimes makes pregnancy a bit difficult.

Please note, it makes pregnancy a bit difficult but not impossible. Those who are having one ovary can also conceive and enjoy motherhood at its fullest. Definitely, it needs constant monitoring and proper medication to get pregnant. Of course, the ovary should be functional and has the capacity to conceive.

Tips to Get Pregnant With One Ovary

Visit a Specialist Doctor

As the hormonal levels must be checked before you conceive so you need to visit a specialist doctor first.  A doctor is the person who will suggest you the necessary tests to know the status of your base hormone and will provide you medicines according to your requirements.

Never forget to go for ultra sonography. It will offer you the present condition of your ovary and fallopian tube. If your ovary is able to produce egg and your fallopian tube functions properly then cheer up. You are one step forward to get pregnant.

Plan Your Intercourse

Remember, to fasten the process of getting pregnant you have to plan your intercourse accordingly. The chances of fertility remain high just before, during and after ovulotion. Try to have sex with your partner during these period as much as possible.

The proper growth of he follicles must be monitered by ultrasounds and bloodwork frequently.  To know the presence of luteinizing hormone you can also opt for the kit which predicts ovulotion. It generally occurs twelve to twenty four hours before ovulotion.  One can also perform intercourse a day after the release of the egg.

Constant Monitoring of Progesterone Hormone is Needed After Conceiving

Those who have one ovary must be cautious to monitor the progesterone level to avoid miscarriage after conception. Generally, the single ovary can not produce sufficient progesterone hormone which plays a pivotal role to sustain pregnancy. Once you conceive you need to consult a doctor frequently who will monitor the total process with some bloodworks and USGs and will provide you the the proper medicines to fulfil what your body requires during pregnancy with one ovary.

Sometimes, the problem around us is not so serious as it seems. With one ovary and a functional fallopian tube one can get pregnant without any problem but if you have any problem to conceive with your one ovary then follow the above discussed steps to fasten the process of getting pregnant. We have made here an honest effort to show you the proper way to conceive. Afterall, motherhood is the greatest bliss of God that a woman pleads for.

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