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How To Shed Post Pregnancy Weight?

Motherhood is the utmost windfall a woman can get and is a lifetime experience a woman can feel. But, once the baby is delivered almost every woman gains weight which is very natural.

Every woman wants to come back to her natural size after the hard work and hormonal imbalances in the body that lasts for nine long months. Weight loss itself is very difficult and lengthy process, and if the extra weight has come by the baggage of pregnancy its all the more difficult to shed.

Indeed it is difficult to shed but not impossible, with proper diet and maintenance of proper schedule one can easily lose weight. It is very difficult to maintain tight schedule and exercise daily with the new born round you all the time. You have no time to sleep and waking up on time is impossible. With just little adjustment in the dieting and being bit careful on the eating habit can get you back in shape.

Below are few tips that you must follow and get back in shape easily:

It is indeed very difficult to lose the post pregnancy weight. But, with a proper schedule and little physical exercise this is possible. Below are a few tips that may help you to maintain your fitness.

 Eat in small parts

This is by far the crucial step towards losing extra weight. Most women eat much more than their body’s requirement. But if you wish to take off the extra baggage of weight from now on your aim is to eat a third less of it. Although this will not be simple, but keep at it – ensure segment sizes on packets, check calorie information (in a normal day the recommended daily amount is 2000 calories for women, 2500 for men) and put less on your plate. By checking the calorie information check you yourself will end up eating less by the end of the first month.

Don’t eat in a jiffy and stop eating BEFORE you feel full

Most of us eat like this is the last meal of tour life, stop doing that. Complete one mouthful prior to loading up the next forkful. You must take break for say 10 seconds to check weather your body needs more. Wait for 5 minutes after concluding your meal for your craving organize to dribble in. Usually it is the flavor which makes us wants to carry on eating, not hunger – the urge tends to collapse after a few minutes.

Drink water before you eat:

Make sure you drink a glass full of water before you sit on the dining table for lunch or dinner. Taking one full glass of water makes your appetite low and will allow you to eat less than what you use to. Water is a filling substance and helps in reducing your appetite, you can start with one glass and slowly you can drink up too 3 glasses in few weeks.

Don’t choose to booze

If you choose to booze remember it is full of hidden calories and if you are really serious upon losing those extra pounds that you gained during pregnancy quit alcohol immediately. One large glass of wine can contain around 200 calories – other drinks can have even more.

Alcohol will reduce your willpower; so, try to avoid alcohol as far as possible. If at any cost you will have to take it choose on light ones and don’t  have beer at night at any cost.

Alter your eating habits

Changing your eating habit contributes a lot on losing weight, alone exercise never helps in losing those extra pounds. If you are suffering from hangover do not binge food. Instead of placate eating, drink water assorted with a little sugar and take vitamin C. It is dehydration that causes the headache. If you remember, drink a pint of water before bed the night before the morning after.

Eat five portions of fruit and vegetable a day

Eating habits are very important in losing weight. You must make sure to have five portions of fruits and lots of vegetables in your meal. It’s ok to have just fruits for one meal whatever meal suits you.

And instead of having breads you can fill most of your hunger with vegetables. Remember in fruits you must avoid bananas, grapes and cheekoo. Have watermelon as much as you can. Make three to four of these portions veg. Fruit has much higher sugar content.

If you overeat one day, make sure to under eat the very next day

This is the best way to lose weight, if you take heavy meal due to any reason compensate it by having light meal the next time. if you had a heavy lunch you can always skip dinner and have a glass of toned milk of a glass of buttermilk instead. Weight management is about balancing the food you take in (energy) with the energy you expend.

Avoid drinking calories

drinking chocolate is more dangerous than munching chocolate. Even a cafe latte can contain up to 200 calories. Refrain from hot chocolate, shakes, and fizzy drinks, which are fattening and hold little nutritional value. Try to stick to water (fizzy water is great for filling you up), with one treat drink a day. Be careful and have brown sugar in you tea or coffee, try to make it sugarfree if possible.

Twice a week CHOOSE SOUP for your evening meal

the best meal is to choose soup at least thrice a week in your dinner. It is filling, nutritious and normally low in calories Tthis will make you feel light the very next day leaving your unbolted.

Don’t slouch

Drop a dress size by walking tall. Pull yourself up to your full height, hold your stomach muscles tight, your shoulders back, bust out, butt tucked under. Try this in front of the mirror and see how much better you look.

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