How To Plan A Perfect Pregnancy Diet

Expectant mothers are mostly led to believe that they have to eat for two in order to maintain a healthy body and provide the right amount of nutrition for the foetus. This in fact is the reason behind tremendous weight gain after delivery. Most women are unable to shed the excess weight that they have gained in spite of rigorous exercise regimes.

Why go through the entire struggle when you can plan your pregnancy diet adequately so that you have a harmonious blend of the perfect diet and the perfect weight all rolled into one for your convenience. Let’s take a look at what kind of diet has to be incorporated into your weight gaining months so as to facilitate easy shedding of weight after delivery and also give ample nourishment to the foetus that is raring to go…

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Diet

A Well Balanced Diet In Smaller Quantities

By a well balanced diet, we mean that there has to be fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and dairy products in your daily diet. This would seem like too much to include in your daily diet. The trick here is to go for smaller quantities of food and increase the number of servings in such a way that you include a bit of everything in each serving.

The ideal diet would be six servings of whole grains, five servings of various kinds of vegetables with more prominence to green leafy vegetables, four servings of varieties of fruits, three servings of meat, beans, fish, eggs etc. which provide ample protein and also three servings of dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter etc. One serving here is equal to half of a cup. When you put together all these quantities, it would not be overeating in any way.

Bust Food Cravings in a Healthy Way

While you are pregnant, you could be surfaced with various types of cravings and your loved ones would take turns to satisfy these whims and fancies. Even though these are well meaning gestures, these are the factors that contribute to your weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Stop your extreme cravings by allowing yourself to indulge in the luxury of having what you fancy and keeping your desires under check. Whenever you have these abnormal food cravings, you can resist the urge by going for healthy varieties like nuts, popcorns, fruits and crackers which will helps you keep your tummy full and prevent unhealthy eating habits.

Remove Unsafe Junk Food and Other Dangerous Foods During Pregnancy

Junk food is not only unhealthy during pregnancy, but also on a general scale. There are many junk food varieties that have chemical additives that could be dangerous for the development of your foetus. They do not have any nutritional value and help only in adding oodles of calorific weight to your body.

Foods like cheeses that are unprocessed, raw eggs, big fish which are high in mercury content and liver which is high in vitamin A must be avoided at any cost during pregnancy. They offer tremendous health risks to your growing baby. Consume smaller varieties of fish that are rich in essential fatty acids, fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are fresh and without additives and pesticides for optimal health during pregnancy.

Importance of Proper Supply of Iron, Folic Acid and Calcium in your Diet

Iron and Calcium are very important during pregnancy for the development of blood cells and strong bones for the baby and also to preserve your bones and prevent anaemia. Folic acid is an essential vitamin that is required, especially in the initial stages of pregnancy in order to facilitate the healthy tissue and cell developments of the baby’s body. You can include foods like spinach and broccoli that are high in calcium and folic acid in your daily diet.

Eggs, yoghurt, milk, green leafy vegetables and fruits are good sources of iron and calcium. Citrus fruits too are a must during pregnancy in order to facilitate vitamin C that helps in absorbing the iron into your body. You must consciously include all these food in your diet for proper development of your baby.

Smaller Meals to Combat Nausea and Heart Burn

Morning sickness and nausea could create a lot of problems with your diet and health. The very mention of food could create a nauseating effect on you. Instead of resorting to medications to combat nausea and morning sickness, drink a glass of lemon juice first thing in the morning that is not only healthy, but also greatly refreshing. Meals can be smaller in quantity to prevent heartburn. Avoid food that is very spicy and acidic which will only alleviate the symptoms.

Drinking Water for Abundant Health

Though water cannot be said as part of a diet plan, it is one of the most important things that a pregnant woman must include in her daily diet. Drinking plenty of water will help in keeping away urinary tract infections and other disorder like leg cramps and muscle aches during pregnancy. Drinking water, at least 3-4 litres a day will also prevent you from craving for unhealthy food and snacks by keeping your stomach full. Water can also remove the toxic substances from your body by initiating frequent urination and preventing health hazards in your baby and yourself.

Water need not be just plain water. You can add a fruit juice of your choice along with the water that you consume. Let it be oranges, apples, lemons or cranberries, but make sure that they are not synthetic ones that are picked form the super market. They would do more harm than good. Maintaining a well balanced and healthy diet is important at least during pregnancy in order to prevent any birth defects and complications during pregnancy like low weight of the foetus, poor nutrition etc. Pregnancy is a phase where the woman has to be more concerned about her baby’s needs than her own. Follow these tips for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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