How To Overcome Teething Problems Of Your Baby?

Appearance of the first set of teeth is a unique event for the baby and also joyous for the parents as they watch their infant stepping slowly into the growing stages, but teething of the babies has their share of problems too.

Normally teething of a baby starts between 4-7 months of age that continues till his second birthday. Most of the babies face teething problems of varying degrees, which can be controlled easily at home. Severe symptoms of teething may require the intervention of pediatrician.

Parents need to be watchful regarding the teething symptoms of the baby, which are characterized by excessive drooling, too much crying due to pain, tendency of biting any thing within his reach, crankiness, unwillingness in taking normal food. The gums become tender and reddish, and the baby may cry from pain even while sleeping at night. A whitish appearance in the gums also indicates the eruption of teeth in the babies.

Sometimes little blood oozes out of the gums during this period, especially if the baby receives a mild shock. It is unbearable for the parents to see their baby suffering from pain, but instead of panicking they should try to reduce the problems keeping calm and following simple remedies as advised by the doctor. One should not administer any over the counter painkiller or gels, without the approval of a pediatrician. That may bring in a fresh set of problems.

Tips to overcome teething problems of your baby:

Give your baby plastic teethers filled with water for chewing. It is better to give refrigerated teethers that will help in reducing the pain. You can also give him a cold wet cloth to chew. You can administer homeopathic medicines to reduce the discomforts of teething consulting a homeopath.

During teething, babies have an increased tendency of chewing things that help the teeth to come out faster from the gum tissue. You can give teething cookies and biscuits to your baby for chewing. You can apply diluted clove oil on the painful gums to alleviate the pain. Excessive application of the clove oil may cause stomach upset.

Hand over a pure licorice bark to your baby for chewing. Watch that he does not swallow the bark. You can also massage few drops of vanilla extract on the tender gums. Massaging the gums reduces the pain and the alcohol present in the extract will provide a soothing effect on the gums.

Moreover, vanilla promotes sound sleep that is beneficial during teething problem. If teething symptoms worsen at night, you can administer pain killers and numbing gels with due consultation of the pediatrician.

Teething problems during breastfeeding:

Teething problems do cause a lot of problems to the nursing mothers as the baby often bites the nipple or the surrounding area during breast feeding. The mothers should not refrain from breastfeeding but should adopt a cautious approach while nursing. Massage the gums of the baby before you starting breastfeeding. Slip your finger in the mouth of your baby when he unlatches in between sucking. Whenever the baby starts biting, order him strictly not to bite. Repeated orders will enable him follow your command.

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