How To Make Your Baby Clean Her Room

Your little one is growing up real fast and is accumulating toys and clothes at a rapid pace. End of playtime means that toys and games are strewn all over the room. It is time to teach your kids to tidy up their room. This article provides useful pointers that can be adopted to encourage your little one to clean up her room.

Your agenda is to ensure that your child cleans up her room after each playtime. Enough of yelling it does not work. Make cleaning up a room as a game. A stern command will not produce a long term result. Instead participate in the activity with your child and make this a fun thing to do. To make your child follow your instructions, present them in a sing song manner. Younger children really obey these commands if presented in a light hearted manner. Make your child sing along with you for a better impact.

Incentives work wonders at all ages and so are applicable for your child too. If your child has learnt counting, then make the cleaning agenda such, that everyday the child has to pick up some 10 toys and put them back in their right places. As a reward they make get special mommy time, or a few extra minutes of their favorite TV show or a candy, for example.

For slightly older children timing the activity gives it a competitive edge. They can beat each other to this or simply beat their own time. On such occasions an incentive comes along their way.

To enable your child to clean up and stack their things easily, keep some bins around in their room. These plastic bins can be neatly labeled with words and pictures for your child to understand where each piece of toy goes.

Repetition and a constant system of making your child clean her room, makes this activity a habit for your child. When the room is clean, take a picture of the room and stick it outside the door. This makes the child feel worthwhile and she can also take pride in her handiwork.

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