How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is but natural to gain weight due to highly nutritional food intake as well as minimum of exercises and body movements. But excess weight can lead to certain complications during pregnancy for the mother as well as for the baby.

But on the other hand, losing weight during pregnancy can also lead to various other complications. This is the time when your body needs those extra weight and important nutrients. Diets which try to bring down weight can prove to be harmful for the body.

Taking these points into consideration, what is needed is a balance between the two. A diet which may consist of all vital nutrients needed by the body as well as that which does not put on those extra fats in the body can be followed.

The ideal ways for reducing those unwanted fats during pregnancy can be summed up as below.

How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Avoid Junk Foods

This is the most important remedy for reducing your weight during pregnancy. Junk foods pose the greatest danger during pregnancy to the mother and the child. They are not even recommended during the normal period. They are rich in calories and fats and are not recommended at this stage. They can add up to your weight in a short time.

Try eating foods made out of whole grains such as buckwheat, oats or barn. These are high in proteins and fiber as well as fat-free and as such do not increase weight. Eating baked foods should also be avoided at these times.

Avoid over-the-counter Foods

Readymade foods that you can get over the counter at any local stores should also be avoided if you want to keep your weight in check. These foods contain salts and oil which are used as preservatives and can harm your body as well as gives you the unwanted calories and fats which can produce an adverse effect.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables during pregnancy offer the most ideal way for keeping your weight in check as well as getting the much needed healthy nutrients to your body. Fruits like apple, kiwi, pear, orange, sweet lemon and banana provide fiber as well as vitamins that a body needs. A

plateful of fruits each day can be highly advantageous in keeping the body fit as well as keeping that unwanted fats away. Please note that fruit juices are not recommended as they contain high level of calories and as such should be avoided. Vegetables like green leafy vegetables provide the much needed iron and proteins.

Water and Milk

Water is the best source of beverage that is made available by nature. It is a zero-calorie drink as well as provides a refreshing feeling in the person. It keeps the body active and helps to keep the unwanted toxins from staying in the system.

Other beverages can harm the mother and the baby as Diet soda contains chemicals which are harmful. On the other hand Coffee contains caffeine which too is not good during pregnancy. Fruit juices also contain high amount of calories which can increase the weight.

Another liquid which is healthy as well as helps to keep the body fit and health is low-fat milk. Milk contents calcium which is needed for toning up the muscles as well as keeping the vital nutrients in the body. Low-fat milk is recommended as it has the minimum fats as well as small amount of calories. This helps to keep the weight down to the minimum.


There are certain exercises that can be tried out by the pregnant woman. These have to be done only under medical guidance and under the supervision of a trainer. Walking is the best exercise during pregnancy. Also gentle exercises such as recumbent bike are recommended during this period.

They can reduce the weight as well as keep the body fit. Exercises make you feel better and active during pregnancy. It can relieve back pains and strengthens the muscles. It also helps to make you sleep better.

These methods, if followed strictly, can surely bring about the much needed weight loss in a pregnant woman as well keeping the body healthy and fit.

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