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How To Go About Conceiving A Boy Or A Girl

Many parents wish to have a preferred gender, be it a boy or a girl. But is it really in our hands to decide the gender of the baby yet to come into the world? Well, to some extend YES. There are several factors which are taken into consideration while conceiving for a boy or girl.

The following are some few guidelines that should be observed to get what you want. Firstly one should know that a man is actually the sole decider of the gender. A man has two types of chromosomes, a male and a female chromosome known as X and Y respectively.

X chromosome or the male chromosome will obviously have male traits. They move faster to reach the egg but does not survive too long whereas the Y chromosome or the female chromosome takes longer duration to reach the egg but survives for more number of days compared to its male counterpart.

Whichever is successful in uniting with the egg decides the gender of the baby. Looking at the features of X and Y chromosomes, many scientists have come up with natural methods to choose the gender of the baby.

How to Go About Conceiving A Boy or A Girl

Looking to Conceive a Boy?

If you want a darling baby boy, one needs to know the perfect ovulation day of your partner. Since it is during the ovulation period, that a woman is at its peak of fertility and one has greater chances of conceiving a baby. Therefore, calculate your ovulation period and have sex close to that day.

This would give the male chromosomes a chance to travel faster to the egg beating the Y chromosomes. There are various sexual positions such as a rear entry which helps the X chromosome of the sperms to travel faster to the female cervix as well as increase the chance of surviving before dying out.

Looking for a Baby girl?

Unlike the method to conceive a baby boy, you need to have sex about 2-4 days before your ovulation. This helps the female Y chromosomes to take their slow and sweet time to reach the female egg as it lives longer than the X chromosomes. Follow the missionary position to have a baby girl.

Both the methods mentioned above can be successful if you know when the girl is ovulating which could be a tricky task. Many couples are unaware of techniques which helps you know the ovulation period. Here are some tips to help you conceive a boy or a girl accordingly.

Know your Period Well

Women having regular periods at intervals of 28-30 days face no problem in calculating when they would ovulate. It is usually calculated taking the 14th day of the cycle where a woman is most fertile. However this could vary amongst women with irregular periods and shorter number of days.

Note your Cervical Mucus

If your cervical mucus is thin and slippery, know that you are ovulating. Take come mucus and put between two fingers and stretch. If it elongates more than 2 inches that means you are ovulating.

Last but not the least it is your basal body temperature that could tell when a woman ovulates. Note down your temperature every day. An increase in half a degree to one means a woman is ovulating.

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