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How To Get Dads Involved In Pregnancy ?

How To Get Dads Involved In Pregnancy ?

Pregnancy is that phase or juncture in life for a woman, when she feels compete and happy in the fact that she is carrying something very precious inside of her. But, it’s something both the husband and wife helped create.

Apart from pregnancy being a beautiful feeling it can also be pretty challenging too. So, soon-to-be dads should also become involved in the pregnancy and try to be a part of the proceedings. There are plenty of ways that dads can get involved in pregnancy.

A word of warning

Before we mention the ways that dads get more involved in a pregnancy, it’s important to note that quite a number of dads are uncomfortable with pregnancy and don’t know how to accept it. While a woman feels complete, the partner is at a loss to understand how he can help his pregnant partner. So, it does fall upon the woman to explain a few things to him and understand how involved he wants to be in the pregnancy.

Ask him to read a book

There are books that target expectant fathers. Buy one for your man and ask him to start getting involved by putting what he has read into practice. Also keep him in the loop as far as your feelings are concerned and ask him to gently touch or feel the baby regularly. Whenever the baby moves, ask him to touch your abdomen. The joy on his face when he also feels the baby moving will be something to see.

Make him a part of the baby shower

Baby showers are usually a ‘Women Only’ affair. But, you could think about tweaking a few things here and there and ask your partner to be a part of it as well. Discuss the shower with him and integrate some of his suggestions. If you want to, you can even ask him to call over some of his friends for the baby shower. By making him a part of your celebrations, you are making him a part of your pregnancy.

Doctor’s visit

Whenever your visit your doctor, why not take your partner along? Make sure that he comes with you whenever you have a doctor’s visit planned, if not all, at least the major visits. Some husbands actually go with their wives to all the doctor appointments. By doing so, they tell their wives that they are as much a part of the pregnancy as the wives themselves.

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